About the garden group team

Welcome to the garden group website. We are one of the top leading residential and commercial landscape solution providers, in Gauteng (and beyond); specializing in the design and maintenance of medium-to-large size gardens.

We have a national footprint across South Africa, as a well-established and diverse group, employing over 300 hand-picked & trained staff, while operating as a Level 2 B-BBEE procurement company.

Our solutions include innovative designs and installation methods, that restore or enhance garden landscapes to their optimal beauty and function. We have a strong environmental focus, with an aim of promoting ‘green’ and sustainable practices in all that we do. Our goal is to transform our clients’ surroundings into vibrant, healthy and sustainable green outdoor landscapes.

Furthermore, we maintain and manage gardens and outdoor areas, across residential estates; office parks; recreational parks; golf/sport courses; retail centres; lodging facilities; educational institutes; medical centres; municipal grounds; and more.

The garden group ensures that there is always a competent manager on site, to ensure that clients always get the best service. Furthermore, we guarantee that clients can have complete peace of mind in knowing that their garden will always be well-maintained, by a friendly and reliable team.

We help choose plants to achieve environmental balance in colour, texture, proportion, perspective and unity. These make up the integral elements of a successful garden design.

The garden group is armed with intricate knowledge of local laws and regulations. We’ve also built up connections with trusted contractors and top suppliers, to ensure that landscaping projects are deployed over a clear and reasonable timeline, with minimal stress during the process.

We have a passion for what we do – designing and implementing residential gardens, corporate gardens and outdoor spaces of all kinds. Our unique design capabilities span office park settings, to accent and cohesive townhouse complexes and shopping centres, on both a large and small scale.

The garden group’s Goals and Values include:

  • We strive for functional and aesthetical excellence in all that we do.
  • Our aim is to offer exceptional service in project scopes, small to large.
  • We create landscapes that reflect the ‘culture’ and ‘personality’ of our customers.
  • We thrive in developing sustainable garden designs and maintenance regimes.

If your landscape lacks a remarkable garden design or has a garden which has been neglected; or that needs a maintenance regime – we can help.

the garden group

Our Success Story

The garden group is the premium choice when it comes to Landscaping in the Gauteng region, and beyond. From Garden Landscaping tips and ideas, to complete garden design and maintenance; our offering adds value to any property.

Our key success factors lie in our commitment to deliver exceptional customer satisfaction and our dedication to meeting stringent deadlines.

What sets us apart from other landscaping companies in South Africa, is that we encourage clients to plant eco-conscious gardens. We also implement sustainable, eco-friendly solutions at a cost-effective premium.

Our garden designs have consistently attracted awards of excellence, for quality and workmanship.

The garden group is proud to have won the following awards:

SALI 2021

  • Best Landscape & Turf Maintenance in South Africa - Trophy Award
  • Landscape & Turf Maintenance - Double Gold Award
  • Landscape & Turf Maintenance - Double Silver Award
  • Landscape & Turf Maintenance - Bronze & Silver Waterwise Award

SALI 2022

  • Landscape & Turf Maintenance - Double Gold Award
  • Landscape & Turf Maintenance - Gold & Silver Waterwise Award
  • Landscape & Turf Maintenance - Double Silver Award
  • Landscape & Turf Maintenance - Double Silver Award

SALI 2023

  • Landscape Design & Construction - Double Gold Award
  • Landscape & Turf Construction - Gold & Silver Waterwise Award

We pride ourselves on being able to deliver world-class standards, no matter what the project entails, nor where we are operating.


Let the garden group make you proud